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What is a Maternity Notification Form?

The Government of the Philippines has designed its form of maternity leave forms to be filled out under cases of pregnancy. With appropriate information about the individual and their history of past pregnancies, people can apply for maternity leaves. The form that is being filled under this case, to be specific, is recalled as a public record.

The MAT-1 Form, the official maternity notification form in the Philippines, is required in cases where an employee needs to prove their pregnancy for gaining appropriate maternity leave. This form is equally responsibly filled and further submitted by the employer within 15 days of notification.

Information Required on a Maternity Notification Form

The maternity Notification Form is quite comprehensive, given the amount of information required in the form is extensive and detailed. Along with providing information, the applicant is also advised to attach the appropriate document as a form of proof to the submitting party. However, if someone considers filling out the MAT-1 Form under pregnancy cases, they are advised to provide the following list of information.

  • Social Security Number of the applicant along with their nature of employment.
  • Complete name, home address, with postal codes.
  • Expected Date of delivery.
  • The number of deliveries and miscarriages covered by the individual with the last date the applicant gave birth or had a miscarriage.
  • The employer needs to give out their significant ID Number, name, address, contact number, authorized representative name, and signature details.

How to Fill Out a Maternity Notification Form?

If any of the members of an office is expecting a baby and is looking forward to maternity leave at an appropriate time, they should consider filling out the MAT-1 Form on time. However, the applicant should attach a Pregnancy Test or Ultrasound Report as proof of the process. While attaching different documents, a specific step-by-step procedure needs to be covered, as explained below.

Step 1: Provide the name, address, employment status, SS number, and other formal details about the applicant.

sss form mat1

Step 2: Add in the expected delivery date followed by a history of the births and miscarriages associated with the applicant.

sss form mat1

Step 3: Once filled by the applicant, it is directed to the employer, who provides their basic information and details. It includes their Employer ID, name, address, contact number, and signature, confirming all the information shared.

sss form mat1

What is a Maternity Notification Form Used For?

A Maternity Notification Form has a very definite use in the professional field. An applicant who seeks to get maternity leave for their upcoming birth must give appropriate paperwork to their employer and the Social Security Department to make the process official and executable. Thus, the use of the MAT-1 Form is considered a necessity. The applicant is still, however, advised to be very careful and authentic while giving information for the maternity leave.

Additional Maternity Notification Form

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